Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens in Blu Moon

Vanessa Hudgens and her newly-cropped hair were photographed hanging out with some girlfriends on Friday, July 22 in Venice, California.

Vanessa was looking beautifully breezy in a floral Blu Moon Cantina Diva Skirt, a Blue Life Bare Belly Tank and comfy Trove Tkees Open Toe Sandals. Nothing beats a maxi skirt in the summer, and Vanessa wears them so well. I also love the accessories she's wearing with the outfit. They add a bit of edgy to the otherwise girlishly summer ensemble.

What's everyone thinking about Nessa's new hairstyle? I've gotta admit, I'm kind of missing the longer locks, but she's so gorgeous she could shave her head completely, I'm sure, and still be a TOTAL babe. Thoughts? 

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