Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan in Black Orchid

Lindsay Lohan had been spending a bit of time in Miami, Florida, over the last few days, partying with her little sister Ali and having her picture snapped for a Plum Magazine photo shoot. Here Lindsay is in a pair of Black Orchid denim shorts, a sheer black tee, Alaia Gladiator Sandal (boots?) and a pair of sweet shades. From the thighs up, I love the outfit, even the exposed zebra print bikini top. It's all quite edgy, in the best of ways. The shoes have to go, I'd say, but whatever, I'll let it pass. The awesome sunnies more than make up for them. Unfortunately, I can't find a website stocking these exact cutoffs, but both Revolve Clothing and Singer 22 stock Black Orchid, so keep checking back if you love these shorts as much as I do!

According to People, Lindsay was spotted at The Forge Restaurant while in Miami, and while there was wine at her table, she passed it up and instead munched Alaskan crab legs and pomegranate lamb spare ribs. Keep it up, Linds! She is such a funny, talented actress. I hope she gets back to work for all of our entertainment soon!

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