Monday, June 27, 2011

What I Love: Holiday Weekend

It's June 27, readers, which means for both my fellow Canadians and our lovely U.S. neighbours to the south, this coming weekend is going to stretch on three days rather than two! I hope your mini holiday will be jam-packed full of beaches, barbecues and other fabulous summertime things. I'll be celebrating my birthday! Even without the stress of work though, I know long weekends can sometimes be a little hectic. Why, you ask? Well, what are you going to wear to look great while you're hitting the beach, attending the barbecue or doing the other fabulous summertime things? Below are my top five necessary pieces for an easy, stylish summer long weekend.

Piece 1: Elizabeth and James Fairfax Sunglasses

If you can only buy one pair of sunnies this summer, make sure they're cat-eyed. The Fairfax Sunglasses by Elizabeth and James are an amazingly retro oversized pair that will protect your eyes while making you look fantastically seventies.

Piece 2: Bop Basics Open Weave Fedora with Black Twill

No matter your plans for the weekend, fedoras are a necessary part of any stylish girl's summer wardrobe. They protect your skin from the sun and hide your frizzy/greasy hair in an ultra cool way! Rachel Bilson often rocks fedoras, mixing them timeless classics like Wayfarers and a basic tee for a laid back look. I'm loving's Bop Basics Open Weave Fedora with Black Twill.

Piece 3: Precious Hands Chichi Shoulder Bag

This fun, colourful shoulder bag will hold just about everything you need to survive a summer long weekend,camera, sunscreen, previously mentioned Fairfax Sunglasses and awesome read (may I suggest Emily Giffin's Heart of the Matter) included. Plus, Planet Blue says it gets more slouchy as you use it! What more could you ask for in a tote?

Piece 4: Blue Life Oh So Glam Dress

I've already made my obsession with Blue Life and Blu Moon quite clear on starry-eyed and lustful, and my instant love for this dress was no different. Throw it on for a night of patio drinks and you'll look effortlessly feminine and breezy. Bonus if your prettily-patterned bikini is visible from the low cut back!

Numerous celebs (Ashley Benson, Rachel Bilson, Hilary Duff) have already been spotted in J Brand's colourful Mid Rise Skinnies, so I'm sure it's just a matter of times before we see them in these shorts as well! From purple to teal to light pink, the J Brand Low Rise Cutoff Shorts come in a variety of bright hues. Take your pick and pair them with a basic, slouchy tank and feathered gladiator sandals for a daring and eye-catching long weekend look!